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Meticulously handpainted modern tea/coffee ware

with luxury platinum gilding handle, lid and rim. 

The whispers between lovers... 

a beautiful summer holiday, 

an unplanned trip,

a missed encounter,

created the classic design 'Lalala'.

This exclusive handpainted lavender design depicts a beautiful warm summer day where the lavender is in full bloom of vibrant green and purple colours with the seductive aroma filling the atmosphere.  The songbird signifies the whisper between lovers. 






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Our Lalala Platine/Blanc/Lavande design range.

This exclusive serie uses the finest white porcelain and is solely handpainted and gilded with high concentration platinum on the lid and handle.  From clay to finished work, it takes

30 processes, changing 12 sets of hands, and is fired 6 times.  Firstly, through careful porcelain making processes from kneeding the clay to throwing, trimming, glazing and firing, we secure the forms of our design porcelain bodies. 


Having gained the beautiful white and spotless canvas, we then paint on them.  Each of the cup and saucer set takes one and half day to paint.  The painting starts by drawing the stems with three different shades of green, and padding the purple mist as the background.  It is then proceed to remove space for petals for future colouring using special tool, and in order to fix the colours onto the porcelain, the ware is sent for firing (~800c).  Then we paint the colours back to the petals and sent for high temperature firing (~1260c).  The purpose of the second firing is not only to fix the colour onto the object, but also allow it to sink under the glaze while it melt in high heat and then close and harden when cool.  This unique decoration technique is called "Inglaze", the ware that is done so have the characteristic of colourful performance with meticulous brush details. 


For the 'Platine' range, the lid, rim and handle are hand gilded with best quality platinum and then fired for the last time with our platinum logo backstamp.  The lustre transforms the look of the ware and becomes classic and yet sheek.

One main benefit of having a hard glossy surface is that the object has nice sheen and brillance, further protects the art work from touching.  Surprisingly, it is proven in compliance with modern life style that the ware is safe to use for eating and safe to use in wash machine and oven.  Furthermore, the ware is durable for handling and enjoyment for hundred of years without losing its features.  Hence the best heirloom to pass on for generations.


Tea/Coffee ware


Tea/Coffee ware


Dining ware +

Vase + Lamp

Lalala Platine

Lalala Blanc

Lalala Lavande

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