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To get a thorough understanding of Jingdezhen Porcelain, its beauty and translucency, we started our business by making all our products by hand.  This enabled us to gain  an in-depth knowledge of this most precious material.
Hand crafting, undoubtably produces the finest, thinnest and most translucent porcelain.


 Purest White, Translucent Porcelain 

Our porcelain is made using only the finest Kaolin Clay from the ancient city of Jingdezhen.  Jingdezhen is the city renowned as the home of the Chinese Imperial Kilns, where the descendants of artisans who made the world famous Ming Vase’s still make the finest porcelain in the world.


         Hand Thrown & Trimmed        

All our handmade ware is first hand thrown and then trimmed.  Witnessing the shape of an object emerging from a piece of clay is a wonderful experience.  Using only the sound of his finger on the clay the trimmer will understand the thickness of the form.

       Inglaze Painting Technique       

’Inglaze painting' is an amazing technique where the colour is applied on top of the porcelain then, by refiring it at a high temperature (~1268 °C), the artwork sinks under the surface of the glaze.  After cooling, the glaze returns to hard and glossy providing a durable resistance.  This means that not only is the object completely food safe but also dishwasher safe for daily use.


       Unique Colour Palette       

We have created a unique colour palette for our clients to choose from, by mixing and grinding the raw pigments to our own recipe. All of our ceramic colours are repeatable, having been developed in a scientific manner.  What's more we have developed a colour chart to show what each colour will look like on the finished porcelain.

         High Temperature Firing         

Our wares are fired repeatedly to ensure the finished goods quality.  The clay body is first fired at 800c to form bisque for the ease of glazing.  It is then fired at a high temperature gas kiln (1290~1330c) where the reduction atmosphere is created intentionally to produce the pure rich "superwhite" porcelain body.  The decoration firings are then executed according to the design.


         Finest Quality Gilding         

We use high concentrated gold/platinum to gild our wares. After applying the gilding onto the porcelain by brushing and painting the gold, it is then re-fired in the kiln to fuse the gold to the glaze. This ensures its permanence and produces amazing lustre.

         Thorough Quality Check         

All our products are run through rigorous quality checks during each stage of manufacture.  This ensures that the final product is truly exceptional.

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